A great VPN  service

Obviously my personal humble opinion, I can’t claim that I have tested all VPN services out there. But for me – this one is the best 🙂


The Virtual Private Internet VPN service has an excellent throughput, which makes streaming of video services super smooth and painless, even though it is streamed through the VPN connection. Usually get roughly 85-90% of the bandwidth provided by my Internet Service Provider, I really can’t complain about that.

Super easy to install – just download a program to your Windows / Mac computer, enter your login details, and you’re good to go.

Tested quite a few VPNs over the years, and I stuck to this one the last two years. A combo of “if it ain’t broken” and a low subscription from only $ 3.33 per month.

But what about my Android, iPhone or iPad?

The VPN service works just as fine on Android devices and iOS devices, such as iPad and iPhone at no extra charge. Can be a little tricky to set up on iOS devices (took me a while to figure out), but the outcome is absolutely worth the effort. Android setup is super easy with an App, and similar to the Windows / Mac install.

At the same time good for making your digital profile anonymous for private, safe and secure browsing.

Yes – I’m a big fan of online privacy 🙂

Try the VPN service here

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