Chromecast can now be controlled with your TV remote

This is great news, and solves a minor usability annoyance I’ve had with the Chromecast since it was launched in mid 2013.

With this new update the Chromecast utilizes HDMI-CEC better, and the Chromecast just becomes even more value for money than it already was. (Yes, I’m a Chromecast fan-boy).

Android Police has bit more detailed description of the new funcionaly here: Chromecast Can Now Respond To Your TV’s Remote Control, But Only On Some Models

Great update  Google, keep’em coming.

Can’t wait to try it out soon at home 🙂


Edit: My otherwise excellent Samsung TV wasn’t one of the “Supported Models”, and neither was my Sony Home Theatre. Bummer.

I guess it’s time to go TV shopping, am I right?

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