Google Analytics and E-Commerce in real life

This is a bit of an “oldie but goldie” – but these three videos are still great, and illustrates very well some of the challenges on e-commerce sites and in online shopping behavior.
How much can a digital merchant actually get away with, before you force the potential customer to abandon their virtual shopping cart? Sometimes it can be surprisingly tricky to hand over your money to an online merchant, even though you want to complete a transaction.

Back in 2011 Google made these 3 videos with the common theme: “What if we forced online shopping demands and user patterns in an offline scenario”. Spot on – the videos are crazy good -it’s funny because it’s true, and sadly they are still very relevant! Kudos to the UK Google team for these three gems – I’m fairly sure that you will be able to recognize some the points that are made here 😉

Take 5 minutes out of your busy schedule and enjoy! My personal favorites are the “log in to check out”, system crash, and the additional express charge.

Online Checkout – Google Analytics in real life

To complete the checkout, please login and….

Landing Page Optimization – Google Analytics in real life

Other customers who bought this, also bought….

Google Analytics In Real Life – Site Search

It’s really not that easy to find what you are looking for 😀

All images and videos are courtesy of Google©

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