About Christian Foged - my background, my job and, my inner geek

So Christian… What do you do for a living?

Professionally I have always worked in a digital / online entrepreneurial workspace, both as self-employed and as an employee.

Jobs with an online and digital focus is all that I have ever done, and since 1999 I have worked with online sales, online concepts, digital marketing and e-commerce. And I still love it!

Keywords that can be used to describe me when I’m working could be e-commerce, management,multiple online sales and marketing channels, digital analytics & tag management, conversion optimisation, and digital strategy.

Check out my professional profile on LinkedIn if you want to know more.

And when you don’t work?

I’m a big fan of technology, software, apps and gadgets. Love gadgets, and probably switch electronic “stuff” at home more often than is needed. A lot more than needed – hooray for eBay

Yup – I’m that “guy” in the circle of family and friends that fixes everything that can be charged or plugged in. And noI will not fix your computer 😉

My blog is intended to be a mix of all of the above.

Oh – and feel free to reach out to me

Christian Foged’s personal life

*insert epic story here with a dramatic soundtrack*

I live in Copenhagen, Denmark , and anything private beyond that can be shared over a cup of coffee – not on my blog 😉

Oh – did I mention that I love gadgets?