serving folks since 1999 is still up’n’running, and have been so ever since 1999 when I acquired the domain. I still absolutely love then name – just try and say it.. blob… 😀 logo -

The logo – instant flashback to the 90s

The hobby project website was shut down in the early 00’s, after I went fulltime on the Mobital project, with some colleagues and friends.

Found a sketch from – yet another sneak peak back in 90’s internet design, ha ha ha… Yes it was I who made it *sigh* layout - layout sketch from the 90s – oh dear.. is still being used today by a small group of people, primarily for email – it’s simply still a cool domain name. End of story.

…for now – I have a feeling that an updated version of blob-man will be back!

Blob-man from -

Blob-man from in the late 90s

Still curious about blob-man or Just drop me a line then.


Fear not – your email is still there

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